South London Slings

This is the Product Inventory for the South London Slings carrier rental service. Here you may browse the slings, wraps and carriers that we hold and view their availability and location. If you would like to rent a carrier, please set up an account, including a credit/debit card - you can then reserve a carrier online*, or from any of our Carrying Advice Workshops. Please visit for more information about our Workshops/Advice Sessions.

To hire a carrier, please register with MyTurn, using the "Create Account" button above, BEFORE you come to one of our sessions. If you then choose to hire a carrier at one of our sessions, taking it home is just a matter of a few taps on our ipad.

The hire cost of each carrier depends on the retail value. There is a hire charge of £5-£15 for two weeks depending on the retail value of the carrier hired. Credit/Debit card details are retained by the payment processor in lieu of a deposit. (You must have a debit/credit card to hire a carrier.) You are welcome to remove your card details from your account, once you have returned your carrier/s.

*If you would like to reserve a carrier online (NO MORE than 1 week in advance),

  • Please do not do so more than ONE week in advance, as we cannot guarantee carrier availability that far in advance.

  • You will be contacted by e-mail and asked to pay the hire fee for 2 weeks in advance, via invoice. The carrier will only be reserved if this payment has been received and acknowledged by us.
  • If you need help choosing what to borrow, want to be shown how to use the carrier you’d like to try out, or don’t know where to start; we’re always able to make suitable personalised suggestions for you if you come along to any of our Drop In SessionsWorkshops or Consultations. Workshop spaces must be pre-booked – we are unable to help on a drop in basis - except at a Drop In Session.

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