Connecta Toddler Carrier In Stock Now

The Connecta Toddler Carrier is a supportive, structured baby carrier in toddler size. It has convenient quick-release buckles, well padded straps, and a flexible, unpadded waist to conform to the wearer’s body. One of the great features of the Connecta is the lack of rigid waist band. This does not mean lack of lumbar support. In fact – for many people it can improve the support. The close fit of the Connecta offers extreme support for big heavy toddlers!

The toddler size is ideal from 18 months – 3 years of age, with a minimum suggested weight of 11kg (24b). It's designed to carry a maximum weight of 24kg (52lb). It allows parents an easy option for longer walks where little legs get tired, or for when you need to pick up the toddler pace (appointments, school runs, or anywhere you need to get to quickly!). The Connecta Toddler Carrier folds up to fit in a changing bag easily. It's ideal for taking through an airport instead of a buggy too!

Connecta Instructions can be found here.